Vehicle Electronics

Your vehicle has a computer …

Actually many vehicles have more than one—many issues may be due to a malfunctioning computer that controls the operation of the vehicle. Therefore it is vital that diagnostics are performed on a regular basis on your vehicle's electronic components.

Vehicle Electronic System

TestimonialThe primary purpose for the electronic system of your vehicle is to monitor and adjust as needed the operation of the engine and the transmission. The electronics include not only one or more computers but also a number of sensors that "feed" information to the computer(s). Are the spark plugs firing at the proper time and in the correct sequence? Is the idle speed correct? How about the fuel/air mixture? And many, many more!

Computers, of course, are themselves controlled by programs. Vehicle manufacturer's will occasionally provide updates to correct "bugs" in the software and to add new features.

Another thing that the electronic system does is to assess the acceleration of your vehicle. Is it smooth and steady? Again, sensors continually provide data to the computer(s) and determine if there are any problems.

Lastly, the vehicle electronic system also monitors and regulates exhaust emissions as well as fuel economy.

To get the best performance and maximum fuel economy from your vehicle it is imperative that its computers and sensors are doing their job. Allow the expert service techs at Gundy's Garage to perform diagnostics to assess the operation of the electronic system of your vehicle, and perform any updates to the software as specified by the manufacturer.


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