Basic Maintenance for Your Engine

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Maintenance for the Fuel Injection System

In the "old days" vehicles had carburetors as the means to send fuel into the engine for combustion; fuel injection was only for expensive autos and truck. However, since the 1990s, fuel injection systems havae become the standard. The injector A fuel injector sprays fine particles of fuel under pressure into the cylinders for combustion. If the fuel injection system performs poorly or fails, engine performance is degraded. Suffice it to say it is critical that your vehicle's fuel injection system is maintained properly. The trained staff of Gundy's Garage is available to help you!

TestimonialThe Engine Ignition System

Once a mixture of fuel and air are admitted to the cylined, the ignition system ignites it using an electric spark. The ignition system must work properly to both start and drive the engine, and keep it running at peak performance.

So how do you get a spark to "fire" the engine? The ignition cables, or spark plug wires, are a critical part of your vehicle's ignition system. Over time, the ignition wires/cables will deteriorate resulting in the engine misfiring due to a lack of a spark. The car will eventually fail to start, or if it does start, it will run poorly. Common symptoms of faulty ignition cables and wires are: poor gas mileage, engine misfires, engine light is on, and engine may vibrate.

The last piece of the ignition system is the spark plugs which deliver electric current to the combustion chamber. Old or damaged spark plugs can also cause ignition problems.

The trained staff of Gundy's Garage is available to help you!

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