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The Clutch

TestimonialAs noted elsewhere clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages the power transmission. It is used whenever the transmission of power or motion must be controlled, in other words whether or not engine power is to be transmitted to the wheels. Consequently, they exist in both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. In a manual transmission, the driver engages or disengages the clutch by a foot pedal. In an automatic transmission, as you might guess, this occurs automatically. In both situations the clutch is always in use and can eventually wear out.

The Differential

The differential is a gear assembly on the drivetrain connecting the drive shaft to the axles allowing the power of the drive train to pass the power of the engine to the wheels. Since the outer wheels must travel a larger distance than the inner wheels when turning, the differential allows the outer wheels go turn faster when the vehicle is going around a curve. Imagine the problems if the differential is not operating properly!


The term Powertrain is used to describe the main components that generate power for your vehicle. This includes the engine, transmission, drive shafts, differentials, and the drive wheels. Sometimes "powertrain" is used to refer to simply the engine and transmission, including the other components only if they are integral to the transmission.

Garage PhotoThe Driveline (or drivetrain) consists of the parts of the powertrain except for the engine and transmission.

Suffice it to say that it is critical that the powertrain/driveline are inspected and services regularly.


A truck's transmission transfers the mechanical power of the engine to the wheels. Though the principle is the same, it is probably safe to say that a truck transmission is little more complicated than a car transmission. Does your truck have a manual transmission? An automatic transmission? A semi-automatic transmission? Or …  ? Given the heavy loads that trucks carry, the transmission will experience a lot of wear and tear and problems can develop.

Trust the experts at Gundy's Garage to inspect and service your fleet vehicles for any drive train issues.

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