Fleet Electrical Services

Gundy's Garage offers affordable fleet electrical services, always hassle-free and reliable …

Batteries & Cables

Garage PhotoYour battery and its cables should be inspected and serviced regularly. Should there be an issue, Gundy's Garage has quality replacement batteries and cables.

Breakers & Fuses

Electrical problems may simply be a faulty breaker or fuse. Gundy's Garage stocks an assortment of breakers and fuses. Contact us.


Don't stay in the dark! For all of your vehicle's lighting needs, whether headlights, taillights, or running lights, visit Gundy's Garage today.

Spark Plugs

TestimonialAs explained elsewhere on this website, a faulty spark plug means fuel is not being ignited. For all of your ignition problems, visit Gundy's Garage today.

Alternators and Starters

The alternator charges the battery and powers the electrical system when the engine is running. The starter is a motor that uses electrical energy to turn the engine so it will start. Both are critical to the operation of the vehicle and both, like any other vehicle part, can wear out over time. Gundy's Garage has quality replacement starters and alternators.

Wiring & Switches

Today's vehicles involve the interaction of electrical systems and mechanical systems and it follows that this involves wiring and switches. Do you suspect that you vehicle's problem might be the result of faulty wiring or switches? Contact us.

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