Fleet Engine Services

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Belts & Hoses

A timing belt (also known as the camshaft drive belt) permits the crankshaft to turn the camshaft. If the timing belt is loose, it may slip and the valves will open at the wrong time which could lead to engine failure. It is critical that your Testimonialtiming belts areinspected and serviced regularly.

The drive belt transfers power from the engine to accessories such as the cooling fan, power steering pump, air injection pump, the air conditioning compressor, and more. If this belt fails all of these accessories will stop working resulting in the engine overheating. It is imperative that this belt is regularly inspected and serviced.

The Coolant Hoses include the heater and radiator hoses which permit the flow of coolant between the radiator, engine, and heating block. Old and worn out hoses can easily burst resulting in an overheated engine. Another item that is critical and must be inspected and serviced regularly.

Contact or visit Gundy's Garage to arrange for inspection of all gelts and hoses.

Cooling System

Along withe belts mentione above the cooling system includes the radiator, fan, pump, pressure cap, thermostat, and overflow tank. If any of the items fail, the cooling system will not operate correctly.

Allow Gundy's Garage to inspect and service all parts of your vehicle's cooling system.

Water Pumps

Garage PhotoA water pump is a critical component of the cooling system of the truck. It circulates fluid whenever the engine is running. As noted above, a belt connected to the engine's crankshaft drives the pump.

If the water pump develops a leak or is faulty in any other way, the result will be inadequate cooling of the engine. Water pumps should be inspected and serviced regualrly, contact or visit Gundy's Garage today.

Exhaust System

As mentioned on other pages of this site, the exhaust system directs exhaust gases away from the vehicle and it involves one or more exhaust pipes. A properly operating exhaust system is required for operator safety.

The exhaust system must be inspected and serviced regularly. Contact or visit Gundy's Garage today.


Many details of engines have been discussed elsewhere on thie site. Suffice it say that an engine that is not operating efficiently and correctly will lead to a poorly performing truck. Consider having the trained staff at Gundy's Garage inspect and service your truck's engine.

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