Fleet Front End Services

The specialists at Gundy's Garage can provide a number of Front End services … our work is guaranteed … how we can help you?

The Kingpin

The kingpin (also known as "king-pin" or "king pin") is the main pivot in the steering mechanism of a vehicle. It shouljd be obvious that if this part fails the steering system will not work properly, which could be extremely dangerous. Be sure to have the trained staff at Gundy's Garage inspect and service your vehicle's kingpins.

TestimonialPower Steering

Power steering (also known as "power assisted steering", "PAS", or "steering assist system") helps you turn the steering wheel. Your modest effort of turning the steering wheel is amplified by hydraulic or electric actuators making it easier for you to steer even when the vehicle is moving slowly or stopped.

To ensure driving safety make sure your truck's power steering is regularly serviced by Gundy's Garage.

The Spring & U Bolts

The spring supports the weight of your truck while the movement of the spring is controlled by the shock absorbers. Instead of bouncing the truck moves rather smoothly over bumps. Ride not smooth? Contact Gundy's Garage today.


U-bolts are U-shaped bolts with screw threads on both ends of hte "U". Since there are many uses for U-bolts—one common one is the attachment of pipes—there are many in any vehicle. Hear a rattle, think something is loose? Contact Gundy's Garage today.

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