Fleet Truck & Trailer Services

Gundy's Garage knows how to service trucks & trailers …

Doors & Roll Up Doors

Garage PhotoYour truck and trailer doors must be strong and operate correctly to keep the materials that you want and need to transport safe. Damage or improperly working doors most likely mean lost revenue since that vehicle must be temporarily removed from your active fleet. Let the experienced service staff at Gundy's Garage examine the doors of your trucks and trailers. Perhaps you should consider a roll-up door to enhance the security of the materials that you transport. Ask us!

Truck and Trailer Bed ("Floors")

The bed or floor of your trucks and trailers are also integral to the safety and delivery of the goods you deliver. Make an appointment with Gundy's Garage and ask us to inspect your trucks and trailers.


If you drive at night you want to see and be seen. Let us inspect the lighting system of your trucks and trailers. We will examine and test the headlights, taillights, and running lights on the trucks; for the trailers we will examine the taillights and running lights. Contact the experts at Gundy's Garage.

Truck Brakes

Brake details have been discussed elsewhere. Suffice it say that the brakes on trucks, given their heavier loads compared to cars, must be bigger and more powerful to stop the truck and its load. Faulty brakes increase the chances of collisions meaning that both you and the other vehicles on the road at a great risk. Contact Gundy's Garage to arrange to have our brake experts inspect and service the brakes on your trucks.

TestimonialTruck Suspension

The details of this topic have also been discussed elsewhere. As with brakes, truck suspensions are stronger to handle the increased loads. Like faulty brakes, a faulty truck suspension affects the performance and handling of the truck which, in turn, puts you and the other drivers on the road at risk. Contact Gundy's Garage to arrange to have your truck's suspension system inspected and serviced.

Truck Structural Framework

The supporting structural framework underneath the main body of the truck includes among other things the wheels, suspension, and brakes. You are carrying heavy loads. It is critical that the structural integrity of the truck framework is intact. Contact Gundy's Garage and allow us to inspect and service the structural framework of your trucks.

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