Fleet Wheel Services

For any and all Fleet Wheel Services contact the experts at Gundy's Garage.

Wheel Bearings

TestimonialThe wheels rotate utilizing wheel bearings which come in many different kinds and designs. Properly maintained, your vehicle wheel bearings should last for at leat 100,000 miles. It also important to realize that the wheel bearing assembly that connects the wheel to the axle bears the weight of the vehicle load. Thus it is important that the wheel bearings are inspected and service regularly. If you hear the sounds of possible bearing failure—rumbles, clicks, and groans—it is time to have the wheel bearings inspected and serviced. Contact Gundy's Garage.

Wheel Hub Assembly

There are many parts that constiture the Wheel Hub Assembly ("WHA" or sometimes simply "hub"). The wheel hub motor (a small electric motor which drives the wheel directly), oil and grease sealing, fasteners (studs and lug nuts), and so forth. .

Obviously the WHA is a critical component affecting the drivability of your vehicle. It is important to have it inspected and services regularly. Given the proximity of it to the brakes and axle, the staff at Gundy's Garage will inspect those at the same time. Your safety is important to us.

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