Under the Vehicle:
Alignment, Brakes, Chassis, and More

Gundy's Garage provides the following undercar services …

Wheel Alignment

Garage PhotoThe wheels of your vehicle operate at an angle specified by the vehicle manufacturer. With proper alignment, tire wear is reduced and your vehicle's suspension and steering systems operate as designed. While this may sound simple, wheel alignment is a sophisticated and somewhat complex process. You do not want it done incorrectly. Visit Gundy's Garage today to have our trained staff inspect and adjust as needed your vehicles's alignment.


Brakes are mechanical devices that slow the motion of vehicle by means of friction. When they operate properly, you can slow and stop your vehicle at will. Is it an understatement to state that brakes are one of the most important parts of a motor vehicle? Trust the expert staff at Gundy's Garage to service your vehicle's brakes to keep you safe. Read more about brakes …

Anti-Lock Brake System

An Anti-lock braking system ("ABS") is a vehicle safety system that allows the wheels to maintain contact with the road surface. It is an automated system that generally offers improved vehicle control and decreases stopping distances on dry and slippery surfaces by preventing the wheels from locking up and therefore avoiding uncontrolled skidding. While ABS will also work on loose gravel or snow-covered surfaces to improve vehicle control, the result can often increase braking distance.

To keep you and your family safe, it is important that your ABS operates properly. The brake experts at Gundy's Garage can examine your Anti-Lock Brack System and repair it as needed. Read more about brakes …


The Vehicle Chassis

Think of the chassis as the skeleton of your vehicle. It is the underlying part of your car or truck consisting of the frame upon which the body of the vehicle is mounted along with the wheels, engine, transmission, driveshaft, differential, and suspension. To have a strong and properly working vehicle, have your car's chassis checked for defects. The experienced staff at Gundy's Garage can inspect your chassis to ensure that there are no flaws or defects.

Drivetrain and Differential

The differential is a gear assembly on the drivetrain connecting the drive shaft to the axles allowing the power of the drive train to pass the power of the engine to the wheels. Since the outer wheels must travel a larger distance than the inner wheels when turning, the differential allows the outer wheels go turn faster when the vehicle is going around a curve. Imagine the problems if the differential is not operating properly! Allow the expert staff of Gundy's Garage to inspect and service the drivetrain/differential of your vehicle regularly.

Exhaust System

During operation of any engine, exhaust gases are created. All vehicles are equipped with an exhaust system, piping that allows these exhaust gases to be directed away from the engine and the passenger compartment. Exhaust systems also include mufflers to reduce the noise of the operating engine. If this system is not functioning as it should, the noxious fumes may be directed into the passenger compartment or the toxic gases may be released into the environment, or both, and the engine noise may become excessive.

For your personal safety and that of the environment, allow the expert staff of Gundy's Garage to inspect and service your car's exhaust system. Ask us how the exhaust system can be modified to increase engine power, reduce environmental pollution even further, and/or to further reduce noise.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers ("shocks") are mechanical devices that are designed to give you smooth ride. Who wants to "feel" a rough road? If your shock absorbers are not working properly driving on even a relatively smooth road can be unpleasant, driving on a rough road will be uncomfortable. Visit Gundy's Garage today to have your vehicle's shock absorbers inspected, diagnosed, and repaired as needed.

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